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Empowering Youth

Life Academy is a social enterprise created to reduce youth suicide. Suicide is the second cause of death over the world for youth. Life Academy exists to empower youth in high schools where professionals deliver workshops in soft skills for kids aged 12 to 18 so they become change makers in their community.
Life Academy makes mental health a subject, taking the same importance as math or science, reducing 91% of socio emotional crisis in the students who have been involved in the workshops. 

Sponsor one child

You can sponsor one child to receive leadership workshops and psychologist support

One Month

$35 USD

Six Months

$210 USD

One Year

$410 USD

Sponsor Here:

Starling Bank: M D P Aristizabal Pineda 93753554
Sort Code: 60-83-71

If you want to know who is the child you are sponsoring, please send an email with your payment confirmation, your name and mobile number to: [email protected]