Life Academy 4Girls - SDG 5

Life Academy 4GIRLS is an online project created in 2019 to empower young girls and prevent suicide. We provide e-learning workshops on a platform that uses AI to provide each student with tailor-made workshops to raise their self-esteem, expand their abilities, and increase their hope for the future. From the first workshop on, we can identify if students are at risk of self-harm and we can predict future behavior, which allows personalized mental health exercises. 91% of our students reported decreased emotional crisis after taking our courses and 55% of our students believe they are or can be leaders.

Life Academy 4GIRLS focuses on young women between 14 and 28 years of age through leadership programs in high-schools & universities.

Our modules topics are:

  • gender bias
  • sexual education
  • life goals
  • girls and women opportunities
  • empowerment
  • self-esteem
  • communication
  • public speaking
  • resilience


Life Academy has reached 2,000 students in 4 countries: Colombia, Bolivia, Mexico, United Kingdom and China. Colombia, Bolivia, México, Reino Unido y China.


Our Intervention Model, a program designed for the prevention of suicide among young female students using Artificial Intelligence that allows the courses to be customized to the student for them to effectively learn tools to strengthen gender knowledge, soft skills to increase their mental well-being. In addition, AI helps predict high-risk behavior of the participants by assessing variables such as age, socioeconomic characteristics, and self-assessment of feelings. If a high-risk behavior is likely, the platform will provide participants with specific tools to strengthen their mental health and will also alarm the program tutors for a closer follow-up. AI is possible because we are reaching students through our e-platform. Therefore, the students access through tablets. We make sure each of them has internet sims and tablets.