Being young is our superpower

Have you ever felt that your youth was a disadvantage? That feeling that you have no idea what you are saying or that you have no place in certain conversations? This was how I used to feel, but now this belief is just a distant memory.

Young people are the largest population in the world, and we have the power to understand, to act, to change and transform our lives and our reality for the better; regardless of our age – being young is our greatest superpower!

On the top of that, The Nobel Peace Prize and Harvard economist, Muhammad Yunus is certain that young people are The Third Mega Power to the extent that we are the most educated and interconnected generation in human history.

In addition, this generation demonstrates an increased desire to help others thrive, much higher than previous generations.

Unfortunately, young people don’t hear this often enough. I can tell from my own experience: having had friends who took their lives, as well as close ones constantly saying that they are not worth it.

As far as I am concerned, this can be different if young people have access to empowering tools such as communication, resilience, life goals, life learning and emotional intelligence… In essence, we can elevate ourselves to create beautiful and powerful lives, but the change must start within. Mindset is everything.

I have trained these tools and more for several years, learning from the most inspiring leadership authors like Tony Robbins, Nelson Mandela, Robin Sharma, Barack Obama, and Gandhi, plus 425 days of total immersion in personal development master classes.

Life Academy workshops are the result of 10 years of research into the best tools to enrich our lives.

2,000 students have trained with us.

10+ International Awards

This is for you if you want to:

–      Accelerate your personal development

–      Strengthen your leadership

–      Cultivate peace within yourself

–      Strengthen your mental health

–      Build solid self-esteem and confidence

–      Empower yourself to achieve the next stage of your life

Take yours:

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